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Eddie Brochin, Professional Consultant

Eddie receives film festival award

Eddie Brochin has been in the television and film industry for over 20 years, and is an award-winning filmmaker. He has produced 45 short films, two 1-hour specials, three feature films and over 20 hours of martial arts fighting events.

Some of the names he has worked with that you might recognize:
TV and VOD - ABC, FOX, HBO, Wild TV, Pursuit Channel, The Sportsman Channel, NBC Sports, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo on demand, Roku, Hoopla, Hulu, China Mobile, Big Star, Apple TV, Yahoo view, Popcornflix, iflix, Flix Premiere, pptv, VHX, TUBitv, Besttv Contv Over Drive, Streampix, Viewster, Fandor, XBOX, Sony PlayStation, iTunes, Cineclick, Docurama, Cinecliq, You Tube Red, fulltv.tv and much more.
DVD Release - Target, Wal-Mart, Family Video, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, FYE, Ebay, Jet.com, Deep Discount, Price Falls.com, Import CD'S, Grooves-inc.com, Rakuten.com, Books-A-Million, CCVideo.com, Heartland Music.com, Video Collection.com and much more (We now are placing all of our titles for International DVD release).

If you are in need of industry counsel for television, film, production, development or distribution, you can schedule time to talk with Eddie at the following rates:

Phone conferences can be booked by 15 minute sessions or by the hour.

  1. 15 minutes - $75.00
  2. 1/2 hour - $125
  3. Hour - $250
Time can be given in one call or broken up into several calls. A log will be kept to keep track of the time spent.
If you'd like to pay for the time online, make sure to first email Eddie at eb@eddiebrochinproductions.com so he can respond with the total, then select the correct option from the menu below and click on the "Add to Cart" button:
Consulting time increments
If you need to pay for a different amount of time than listed above, contact Eddie for a quote, then click the button below and enter the amount when prompted:
Be sure to enter the proper amount and include your name when asked to do so.
Understanding todays industry and delivery platforms is a must for filmmakers seeking global distribution for their projects.
Our distribution platforms cover the following:
Eddie looks forward to working with you.